Special Contribution in Medical Education/ Science

Contribution to Medical Teaching/Examination system

1 Introduced monthly formative and objective assessments through ‘Log Book’
2 Started ‘interdepartmental’ lecture series for PG students to refresh the knowledge of basic science.
3 Started ‘mock clinical examination’ for PG students
4 Introduced research methodology classes for PG students
5 Started ‘OSCE’ stations in MS / Diploma examination from year 2015.
Contribution of the Nominee to the Medical Education

Beside professional and special trainings in specialty, nominee is specially trained medical teacher with special training in Evidence based medicine; Professionalism, Ethics and Communication Skills; Optimizing tools Skill Assessment; Medical writing, Medical Education Technologies and Teaching Modalities. Nominee is actively involved in Under graduate and Postgraduate teaching and training programs and above trainings makes him instrumental and pivotal. Nominee has done innovations in PG teaching curriculum by introducing research technologies and skill based assessment. Nominee has also introduced the monthly formative assessment in the PG teaching. Nominee has designed the ‘Log Book’ system for making the assessments and feedbacks more objective. Nominee is also actively involved in training programs of nurses and paramedics. As a medical teacher, nominee published 15 reference books and book chapters for postgraduate students and young practicing orthopaedic surgeons.
Contributions of the nominee to the DNB Programme

1 As Examiner, Conducted Practical Examinations at various DNB Ortho Centres. Contributed for DNB Entrance papers.
2 Nominee was nominated as external examinerfor Vivekananda polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow by National Board of Examination. In that capacity nominee actively participated in DNB Curriculum to maintain the standard of DNB course by providing valuable and constructive feedback to the students and DNB teachers.
3 From time to time, Prof Ajai Singh visited Vivekananda polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences and contributed in DNB teaching (case presentations, seminars etc).
4 Nominee was actively involved in thesis performa and thesis writing by the DNB students of Vivekananda Polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences
5 Nominee also contributed as DNB examiner, DNB Thesis evaluator in various DNB examinations and also contributed in DNB question bank.

Details of outstanding service anywhere inside/ outside of country

Prof Ajai Singh is working tirelessly across the nation since last several years, to spread the knowledge of ‘Paediatric Trauma Management’ and trying to establish Trauma as a specialty. Prof Singh is carrying the torch of Indo-US Collaboration (INDUS) Task Force throughout the country. Prof Ajai Singh is also working on children of Perthes Disease. He is deeply involved in translational research and trying to establish ‘heavy metals’ as a risk factor for its causation. This work will revolutionize the whole spectrum of management of this complex disease of unknown origin, which is one of the commonest paediatric hip diseases.